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Scrap-Chatter Newsletter

The ScrapbookPortal.com monthly newsletter - May 2004

News IS the news on ScrapbookPortal.com!
Send us YOUR news and we will post it on the site for free! Send a press release, new product introduction, product use idea, even just a great scrapbooking idea! We will also have new book release information, product reviews, scrapbooking store announcements, and scrapbooking product photos. Information you send to us that is posted on the site will be archived online so you can help us develop a wealth of useful scrapbooking information!

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or scrapbooking store owner, send us your stuff! Press releases, photos, book information! If you are a scrapbooker, send us a review of a product you love (or don't love!), great ideas, and anything else newsy.

You know how scrapbookers love to know the latest and greatest. And, you know how scrapbook businesses love to get some free exposure. This is the place! Scrapbooking News on ScrapbookPortal.com is the place for news!

National Scrapbooking Day
Did you have a fantastic day on May1st? Did your store, your cropping group, your scrapping friends get together for a special activity? Send us your story or your photos and we will post them on ScrapbookPortal. Tell us what kind of fun you had, and what you accomplished, we'll share it with Scrapbook Portal scrappers.

Creating Keepsakes is new to ScrapbookPortal
We are pleased to welcome Creating Keepsakes to the ScrapbookPortal web site. Currently we are featuring their ad in the banner position on our header. By the end of this month, selected articles from Creating Keepsakes magazine will appear on ScrapbookPortal. These folks are the gold standard of scrapbooking and crafting ideas and information. We are pleased to welcome them to ScrapbookPortal!

Have you heard the latest. . .
Send your news to me either e-mail or snail mail and we'll post it on ScrapbookPortal.

Therese Gilpatrick
ScrapbookPortal.com Manager
HostWorks Inc.
1900 Grant St.
Denver, CO 80203

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